Connery III Sofa
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Connery III Sofa

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Overall: 180" x 78" x 35"
The Connery seating system seamlessly blends contemporary flair with a strong architectural presence, reminiscent of the Mid-Century American style. Its captivating design boasts clean lines and a touch of couture through the artful fusion of premium materials and intricate details. Highly adaptable, the Connery system showcases a unique personality, evident even in the combination of original square and round chaise-lounges. The base's geometric precision contrasts harmoniously with the plush, single-cushioned seat adorned with delicate stitching, while the backrest and armrest, cloaked in channeled goose down padding, form a cohesive volume with a subtle 45° split. Craftsmanship shines through the fabric and leather-covered padded base, evoking luxury leather goods. The "C"-shaped Flap surfaces and headrests seamlessly integrate, adding vibrancy and rhythm to the ensemble. Elevated by slim extruded aluminum blades, the structural base's Brandy polished varnish finish creates an airy allure reminiscent of classic luggage components. Flap shelves echo the base's design, offering stylish functionality in leather or Moka ash veneer, harmonizing with the upholstery. The leather bands of the base, meticulously sewn and rhythmically stitched, draw inspiration from fine leather luggage craftsmanship, extending to freely adjustable headrests. This well-crafted, customizable range includes extended square chaise-lounges and circular elements, resembling atolls, providing diverse compositions for the discerning eye.
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